“L❤VE one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy. ~ Sai Baba

I highly recommend Coach Wilma to anyone who is looking to move through any obstacle in their life.  Coach Wilma helped me to gain clarity, focus, a clear intention and she held the space so that learning, growth, and change could manifest.  Personally, I was able to go through deep and sensitive inner work.  With her care, support, and guidance, I did a lot of releasing and forgiving.   Coach Wilma was highly attuned to me and was able to assist me in navigating through my process.  Her guidance is strong and her ability to create a secure and a comforting environment is a key to the foundation of trust within the coach/client relationship.  I have appreciated Coach Wilma so very much and know that if I am challenged with another issue in the future, I will be seeking her services once again!
Thank you!
BD, Columbus OH


I participated in the “Opening of the Flower” workshop, and it was incredibly powerful!   Coach Wilma masterfully created such a wonderfully comfortable, sacred, healing environment.  I felt the presence of Love and Coach Wilma was the main vessel that ushered it in.  I laughed and I cried, and at the end of the workshop, I felt empowered and deeply grateful for the healing experience. Coach Wilma even followed up with me two weeks after the workshop regarding my progress!  I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to experience deep healing and transformation.  She is kind- hearted, wise, very intuitive, and creative.  Coach Wilma surprised me by providing delicious and nutritious vegetarian snacks, along with various refreshing naturally flavored fruit waters throughout the workshop. Coach Wilma cares and will go the extra-mile with you on your healing journey towards wholeness so that you can truly live your life in full bloom!


RD, Washington DC

I participated in Coach Wilma’s workshop series, The Other Side of Grief.  It was physical as well as spiritual laying on of hands and heart that Coach Wilma used to guide me and the sisters in the workshop through grief into a greater sense of wholeness. I was having a hard time putting my life back together after the death of my mother, followed by the death of my sister a year later. With each week of exploring my body’s chakras, I was able to work through the grief. She teaches grounding techniques and releasing. This healer woman helped me move through a sea of painful emotions to emerge to the beauty of a luminous sun. Thank you, Coach Wilma, for sharing your gift.

DCJ, Hyattsville MD

From our first consultation phone call I felt comfortable with Coach Wilma.  She was very intuitive and not only listened to what I was saying, but heard what I wasn’t saying.  As we worked together I appreciated her honesty and balance of professionalism and friendship.  She helped me navigate my way through my tough spots. I will continue to use the tools she taught me.

MM, Staten Island, NY

I participated in Coach Wilma’s focus group, Women in Bloom. At that time in my life, I knew I needed help but didn’t know what or how it would look. After participating in her group, I was able to see how my thinking was hindering me as well as the anger I was carrying. I was newly out of a relationship which ended badly. Coach Wilma helped me to see my anger as well as acknowledge that I was angry. She helped me work through the pain.  While working with her, I was able to see how my thought patterns were leading me down paths that were becoming detrimental to my well-being.  Not only did she help me identify them, she supported me in working through them.  Also, I was able to bond with the women in the group as we worked (collectively) through what was bothering us.  Coach Wilma taught me to accept myself and for that, I give her thanks.

DH, Pikesville, Maryland

What can I say about Coach Wilma?  She is a godsend that saved me from myself when I was in a dark place after the death of my mother.  My life was coupled with challenges and I knew I wanted to change some things as well as myself, but I didn’t know how.  Coach Wilma completely broke me down and lifted me up at the same time.  As the walls of pain and disappointment came down, my love for myself and confidence rose up.  Ever since then my path has been nothing but positive. I am so glad to have met this wonderful woman and she will forever have an impact on my life.

TM, Baltimore MD