I believe there are three types of people.

Those who think about it. 

Those who talk about it.

And those who do it.

Which one are you?

But first, you may be wondering… Who am I?

Hello, I am Coach Wilma!  

I am passionate about guiding women on a heart-centered journey. Helping you embrace your worth, stand in your power, and unleash your passion.   

Through this practical and spiritual journey, you will learn how to create a life that you love to enjoy living.

I see women as beautiful flowers. When we are living our lives in bloom it is one of the most beautiful things on the planet to me. Flowers like women are beautiful but they need sunlight, water, love, and nurturing to grow. They also must have weeds removed as weeds can choke out all of a garden’s beauty if not pruned.


My Journey

I was a firefighter for over 20 years and I spent a lot of time helping others.  People placed their lives in my hands and they depended on me to show up.  Work was challenging, some days more so than others, but it molded me, shaped, and forever changed me and how I see life in a profound way.  

Shift Happens

Working in a male-dominated field, I often found it challenging to be heard is the only woman in the room.  So, I wanted to help women find their voice, speak their truth, and live their passion.  But I first had to navigate those waters for myself.  

I set out to find my own compass and I did just that. First, I had to learn how to harness my power, examine my own truths, which enabled me to follow the passions of my heart.  Thus, I began my journey into self-discovery at the Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development founded by Iyanla Vanzant.  In 2008, I graduated her coaching program. I have been creating the life I love ever since and helping women to do the same. My coaching style is fun, unique, and creative.

All About the Breakthrough.

It’s all about you. I often ask my clients, what do you want for yourself right now? The answer almost always includes a breakthrough.  As a breakthrough coach, I believe the blueprint for your healing and destiny lies within you.  Together we will work through the grief, the pain, the overwhelm, and the silence to get to your voice, your victory and your joy. Wherever you are on your journey, I offer you a supportive safe place to heal and to grow.

5 Interesting Things About Me

  1. I have driven a fire truck.

  2. I’ve worked with chemical warfare agents. 

  3. I delivered a baby.

  4. I love to laugh and make other people laugh.

  5. I love to pay it forward –  Paying for person’s food in line behind me and buying gift cards for people who give me great customer service are simple ways I enjoy doing so.

  6. I love fishing.